This is an archive for the releases of the DISSECT-CF simulator.

The DIScrete event baSed Energy Consumption simulaTor for Clouds and Federations (DISSECT-CF) is intended as a lightweight cloud simulator that enables easy customization and experimentation. It was designed for research purposes only so researchers could experiment with various internal cloud behavior changes without the need to actually have one or even multiple cloud infrastructures at hand.

The development of DISSECT-CF started in MTA SZTAKI in 2012, major contirbutions and design elements were incorporated at the University of Innsbruck.

The latest version of the simulator and its sources can be found at GitHub. The simulator is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0.

Release history

Version 0.9.7 - under development

[javadoc] - release pending but with the ongoing documentation efforts these javadocs might be useful for users of older releases as well.


Version 0.9.6

[binary][source] [javadoc] - released on 17th of August 2015


Version 0.9.5

[binary][source] [javadoc] - released on 20th of January 2015


Version 0.9.4

[binary][source] - released on 18th of February 2014

First release on GitHub, made public on the 14th of March 2014.


Version 0.9.3

[binary][source] - released on 18th of November 2013


Version 0.9.2

[binary][source] - released on 11th of November 2013


Version 0.9.1

[binary][source] - released on 16th of October 2013


Version 0.9.0

[binary][source] - released on 9th of October 2013


Version 0.8.9

[binary][source] - released on 7th of October 2013


Version 0.8.8

[binary][source] - released on 24th of May 2013


Version 0.8

[binary][source] - released on 21st of May 2013


Version 0.7

[binary][source] - released on 21st of March 2013

The first public release. This release contains only the foundations for the simulation. It is mainly focused on network behavior and modelling of virtual machine startup.