Gabor Kecskemeti, PhD. dr. habil

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Gabor Kecskemeti
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I am a research fellow at the MTA SZTAKI and an assistant lecturer at the University of Miskolc. Below you can find a detailed list of my career so far, starting from the most recent employers to the oldest ones.


I am a research fellow at the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems at MTA SZTAKI Hungary. I started working in SZTAKI in 2006 as a Research Associate. I did participate in several projects. First, the Coregrid project allowed my short research visits to my past institute: the University of Westminster. These visits allowed the joint development and integration of a graphical user interface for the GEMLCA service (see below) into the Laboratory's flagship product: the P-Grade portal. Later on, I was working on the first parametric study enabled version of the portal (version 2.5). Then I have joined the S-Cube and the EDGeS projects in 2008 (see further details below). Finally between 2011 and 2012, I was coordinating the initial investigations and research on cloud computing within the Laboratory.

For the EDGeS project, I have extended the GEMLCA service with several repository functionalities that were required for the EDGeS scenarios the GEMLCA service would participate in. After the EDGeS project has completed, I was the administrator and the maintainer of the EDGeS application repositories within the EDGeS followup project called DEGISCO.

In the S-Cube project, I have started collaborative research in the domain of service oriented architectures. I was participating in the adaptation and monitoring related research by investigating the adaptation related aspects of my  PhD topic (see below). I was also leading two deliverables that dealt with the issues to set up cross layer adaptation and monitoring frameworks within the S-Cube project. In the project, virtualization based self-* service infrastructures was the other main area I was contributing to.

In 2012, I have postponed my job at SZTAKI so I could work as a postdoctoral researcher in Innsbruck, then I have returned on the 1st of April 2014. Since then, I have four main duties:

University of Miskolc

I have attended University of Miskolc from 1999-2004 for the degree of MSc in Software Engineering. During my studies, I was teaching Database Systems (including SQL basics, FoxPro, Oracle) for lower year students.

With the supervision of Laszlo Kovacs, I have received my masters degree from the Institute of Information Technology at the University of Miskolc, in 2004. My masters thesis topic revolves around document classification algorithms. In my MSc project, I have developed an algorithm to construct ID3 based decision trees and I have compared the constructed decision tree's performance with Bayesian classifiers using a Reuters article database available for the University of Miskolc.

After the two years I have spent at the University of Westminster, alongside with SZTAKI, I have also joined the University of Miskolc again. This time, I was teaching MSc students for Parallel and Distributed systems for two years between 2006 and 2008. During these two years, I have supervised Gabor Szmetanko's MSc project - an implementation of the Application Content Service standard proposal - who have published his results on SourceForge. After 2008, I have postponed my post at the University to allow more focus on my PhD studies.

During the summer of 2011, I have rejoined the University. Afterwards, my duties were focused on a BSc. level Web Technologies lecture for third year Electrical engineer students and I was also supporting the PhD level Parallel and Distributed systems lecture.

Universität Innsbruck

At the beginning of 2013, I have joined the university's Distributed and Parallel Systems group. My duties were to participate in the group's cloud computing related research and to collaborate in proposal writing tasks. While at DPS I have contributed to the research related to energy efficient management of cloud systems. My contributions were focused on three areas: (i) simulation of energy behavior of infrastructure cloud systems, (ii) evaluating the energy characteristics of virtual machine migration strategies and (iii) strategies and techniques to increase energy consciousness in academic clouds. I have left the university at the end of March 2014.

University of Westminster

Starting from 2004, I was working at the University of Westminster for two years. During those two years, I have started my PhD studies and participated in two projects - namely the ePerSpace and GEMLCA.

In the ePerSpace project, I have been working on the project's local service provisioning platform. I have got my first experiences with service oriented architectures and embedded systems while I was developing parts of the provisioning platform with the help of OSGi.

When I have joined the University in 2004, they have just started the work on the GEMLCA project that I have joined from its beginning. I was involved in the conceptual design, development and reengineering of the Globus Toolkit 3 and 4 based GEMLCA versions. Since 2007, I am the main maintainer of the GEMLCA code, during this period the GEMCLA was extended to support gLite and act as a repository for the EDGeS project. Nowadays GEMLCA is facing new demands as it is mostly used for its repository functionalities and its execution capabilities are neglected.

My PhD research topic was automatic service deployment. In my first years, I was focusing on general deployment techniques, then with the rise of cloud computing, I have started to focus on the support of highly dynamic service environments in Infrastructure as a Service systems. My director of studies was Dr. Gabor Terstyanszky, and my other two supervisors were Prof. Peter Kacsuk and Prof. Stephen Winter. I have submitted my dissertation at the end of March 2011. Afterwards, my PhD defense took place on 30th of September 2011, my examiners were Dr. Rizos Sakellariou (external, from University of Manchester) and Dr. Ljerka Beus-Dukic (internal). After the suggested revision, you can now download the final version of my dissertation (titled: "Foundations of Efficient Virtual Appliance Based Service Deployments") from here.


Even after the completion of my dissertation, my main research topic is still focused on the support of virtualization based service deployment tasks by optimizing the size and delivery of virtual machine images (so called "virtual appliances"). I am currently working with several virtualization platforms (e.g. Xen, kvm) and Infrastructure as a Service Cloud systems (e.g. Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, Nimbus and OpenNebula). I am also working on several interesting issues regarding cloud systems management. Just to mention a few: (i) increasing energy awareness within providers, (ii) constructing cloud federations or creating inter-cloud systems. Finally, I am the main maintainer of the DISSECT-CF cloud simulator.

Research interests: IaaS cloud computing, virtualization, virtual appliances, federations, interoperability, energy awareness, distributed systems, service oriented architectures, classification algorithms, software reengineering


My academic performance according to Harzing's Publish or Perish (based on Google Scholar search results collected on June 2015.):

Papers51 Citations427 Years10
Cites/year42.7 Cites/paper8.37/2.0/0 Cites/author111.7
Papers/author16.1 Authors/paper3.98/4.0/4
h-index12 g-index20
hc-index12 hI-index3 hI-norm7
AWCR114.9 AW-index10.72 AWCRpA32.7
e-index15.03 hm-index3.77

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My most referred paper has appeared in the Future Generation Computer Systems journal, it's title is the following: "An Approach for Virtual Appliance Distribution for Service Deployment." My other notable papers that show my progress through my research career are included in the following list with abstracts. Papers that I have had significantly contributed to are available from this site directly - and marked with a [PDF] sign before the author list.













The following papers were published during my studies at the University of Miskolc.

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